Create Your Own Play

A one-person play starring you!

Instead of waiting around between jobs wouldn’t it be great to work on a project that helps you to keep up your skills or even to develop new ones.

Me as Lord Arthur in Lord Arthur Savile's Crime.
Me as Lord Arthur in Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime

I can help you to do just that by advising and assisting you to create your very own one or two person play – a small self-contained production that you own and that you can tour in your car or even by public transport.

I’ve worked with many actors and writers, and directed dozens of plays over the years and a few years ago I developed a training course to help actors create their own play. It’s a tough challenge and a lot of work, but that’s something that most dedicated actors aren’t afraid of.

For the first time I’m now offering that course on a one-to-one basis. Fees and terms for this service are negotiable as we will need to discuss your own particular expectations, time-frame, goals and the amount of input you require from me. I offer a free consultation to discuss the project with no pressure on either side to take it any further, so why not get in touch?

While running the course I even created my own play – Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime. It has a cast of two with myself playing the title role. We’ve performed it almost 150 times and so far it has generated about £75,000 in income for Rocket Theatre.

Here are ten good reasons to create your own play:

  1. You have the opportunity to create the right acting part for YOU.
  2. Base the play on things that really interest you.
  3. Artistic control is yours!
  4. Work at your own pace and when it suits you.
  5. Perform the show where you want and when you want (within reason).
  6. You don’t have to pay anyone to use your own play.
  7. Make money performing the show or sell the rights of the play for other performers to do.
  8. Taking control of your own destiny and career.
  9. Use the play as a showcase for your talents.
  10. The challenge and the fun of it!

Feedback from members of the group course:

“The support from Martin was great and the workshops were interesting and pushed my own personal boundaries.”

“It is the first time I have been able to start and complete a project like this and I believe it is because Martin gave us the tools to get our random thoughts in order and provide a method and a structure.”

“A very clear and encouraging tutor. Martin is very experienced and very approachable.”

“Martin has the personality and authority to lead a class easily. His advice works and can be practically applied to get a result.”

“Really enjoyable. Martin is a very good communicator.”

“Martin has excellent teaching skills. A skill I am somewhat envious of.”