Professional Actors Auditions

Run through your audition – before your audition.

As a professional actor you need to make the most of those precious audition situations by being fully prepared and supremely confident in what you are doing.

I can run through audition scripts with you and offer directorial guidance be it for for theatre, radio, tv or film. We can work together, as we would in a rehearsal situation, to come up with a range of options for your character and a number of ways to approach the script. This gives you an opportunity to make informed decisions but also means that if you are asked in the audition to consider the character in a different way, you have already rehearsed and are ready to try whatever is thrown at you, giving yourself the best opportunity to secure that particular role.

I can work on theatre audition pieces with you as well as sight-read or learnt scripts. If the script needs someone else to be the other character I’m happy to read in.

I can also video you performing a television script as would happen in a real audition situation, but we watch the footage, discuss how it looks and then have another go to improve upon that performance. I use a high definition video camera and for radio work I use a condenser microphone. In either case there is immediate recording and playback.

Why not come and see me to run through one of your forthcoming auditions and see if it makes any difference to the way you perform. Auditions are pretty hard to come by in the first place, so don’t waste those opportunities. Hopefully by being fully prepared you’ll have the experience and confidence to get that job.

“As a professional actress I know the importance of being the best you can be. Martin takes me step by step through the audition process & everything is put on camera. I get to see in advance what the director will see – it gives me the vital edge I need. It’s totally worth the small investment.”  – Nicola Gardner (Coronation Street, Emmerdale, The Royal)

Alternatively, take more control over your career by creating your own one-person play. There’s a page with more details right here – Create Your Own Play.